(RBancone) #1

Hi, this is a character that I modeled in my Spare Time. I hope you like it!

High Res Image on my Artstation Page: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AxgDm

WIP Thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?442200-Character-Ultra&highlight=

I also recorded some (but not all) steps! Here is the timelapse of the maquette sculpting, more coming soon! Subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want!

Sculpting Timelapse: https://youtu.be/c-ML2-qywh4


(RBancone) #2

Concept and Wireframe:


(tjindy) #3

Cool! I like it much.

(RBancone) #4

Thank You!

(RBancone) #5

Here is the second part of the creation timelapse! Cloth modeling!

(khalibloo) #6

Looks great! Amazing how closely the render matches the concept. I like his bulky look

(AdaAbr00) #7

This is very nice! Did you use a normal map for the wrinkles on his clothes? (That you baked from a multi-res or something?) And how did you go about rigging him?

(RBancone) #8

I sculpted the wrinkles with the Multires modifier. No baking , the Multires is Just There on the model. I created a simple Rig for posing, check out the wip thread for more screenshots!

(AdaAbr00) #9

Ahh, ok! That’s what I also did on my latest project, though I found that it caused some problems when deforming. But it works for simple posing.

(RBancone) #10

Yes , I Totally agree, I would probably have used Bakerd maps, or retopologized wrinkles if I had to animate him.

(pafurijaz) #11

I saw the wip, I love the concept and the final result, awesome and well done, It’s time for me to start a seriously task sculpting on 3d organic model. Too many artist do an impressive sculpts.

(RBancone) #12

Thanks pafurijaz!

(YanSculpts) #13

Nice pose, looks good overall!

(MmAaXx) #14

very nice ! :smiley:

(RBancone) #15

Thanks Yan and Max! Someone asked me for the naked character sheet on YT, here it is, as I said, if you create a character based on my concept, please be kind and mention me in your work!


(dimitribastos) #16

Cool character. Congratulations.

(GustavN) #17

Great job! I love the concept art you made for it, and how closely the finished model resembles is! You really knew what you wanted before going in to Blender.

(obloquy) #18

Wow thats fantastic, congrats!

(RBancone) #19

Thanks guys! Here Is the third part of the timelapse! Clothes sculpting!

(Oliver Maier) #20

A compliment to you, Sir! Thumbs up!