Hi, this is a character that I modeled in my Spare Time. I hope you like it!

High Res Image on my Artstation Page: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AxgDm

WIP Thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?442200-Character-Ultra&highlight=

I also recorded some (but not all) steps! Here is the timelapse of the maquette sculpting, more coming soon! Subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want!

Sculpting Timelapse: https://youtu.be/c-ML2-qywh4


Concept and Wireframe:


Cool! I like it much.

Thank You!

Here is the second part of the creation timelapse! Cloth modeling!

Looks great! Amazing how closely the render matches the concept. I like his bulky look

This is very nice! Did you use a normal map for the wrinkles on his clothes? (That you baked from a multi-res or something?) And how did you go about rigging him?

I sculpted the wrinkles with the Multires modifier. No baking , the Multires is Just There on the model. I created a simple Rig for posing, check out the wip thread for more screenshots!

Ahh, ok! That’s what I also did on my latest project, though I found that it caused some problems when deforming. But it works for simple posing.

Yes , I Totally agree, I would probably have used Bakerd maps, or retopologized wrinkles if I had to animate him.

I saw the wip, I love the concept and the final result, awesome and well done, It’s time for me to start a seriously task sculpting on 3d organic model. Too many artist do an impressive sculpts.

Thanks pafurijaz!

Nice pose, looks good overall!

very nice ! :smiley:

Thanks Yan and Max! Someone asked me for the naked character sheet on YT, here it is, as I said, if you create a character based on my concept, please be kind and mention me in your work!


Cool character. Congratulations.

Great job! I love the concept art you made for it, and how closely the finished model resembles is! You really knew what you wanted before going in to Blender.

Wow thats fantastic, congrats!

Thanks guys! Here Is the third part of the timelapse! Clothes sculpting!

A compliment to you, Sir! Thumbs up!