um... a bar!

I haven’t posted anything in forever it seems, this is because I haven’t modelled anything in forever in combination with not checking the forum in almost as long. Anyway here’s a corner bar that’s part of a lounge I’m modelling. I’m not aiming at photo realistic or anything (what? you can tell? :wink: ) but throw some comments this way anyway.

Looks great, but the walls are a bit empty, add some shooted animals on the wall. Or text which has been written by guest. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s quite good, but I agree, the wall is a bit empty.

yea, but i think the rocks need more work

Great work! Maybe the walls need more structure, try making them out of brick or something. And you could have more shelves on them too. Good luck!

Good job, but the rocks don’t look like rocks … add a T-Clouds texture to them for bumpmap and you’ll be amazed by the result :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll put up more shelves as I get more bottles (the people in the forum where I’m making this never stop suggesting what kinds I should have there :wink: ) and I’ll probably put up some posters or something.
So the rocks need more work, is it just a matter of texturing or sould I remodel them? T-clouds? something I missed while I was gone?

procedural clouds are what i think he means

it’s a bit clean and shiny new, but excellent otherwise.

one beer please. dark.


good rendering.
I realy htink you should cahnge the walls materials and textures (It’s look like a wave paper)
the same to the bar, those rocks need a material change and so is the wall between them.

You’ll find it here, hope that helps :smiley:


Thanks, that helps alot!

I like the tree in the corner. Wanna share how you did it?

No special tricks really. Made one segment and duplicated it a few times and displacing the copies upward, then bent it a bit with the proportional editing tool. Modelled a leaf and stuck a few between each two segments, finally spent some time rotating and scaling the leaves to make sure they didn’t intersect each other.

cool, but i think you need to put a littlo more work into the mortar between the rock, instead of one curved plane, it needs to be high near the rocks and sort of sunken in between, that would make it look waaaay better.

You’re evil for suggesting that :wink: I have to detail model it around every rock since I can’t come up with another way to both make it look good and keep the polycount low enough to let me complete the entire room. It’ll probably take me about as long as I’ve put in the entire scene so far, but it’s a good suggestion so thanks :slight_smile: