Um. Actions/NLA?

I cant seem to figure out how to get tutorials to work. I am still in intro to character animation and this time I only made it a paragraph before getting stuck. sorry for bugging you so much I have just been stuck here for over a week. I will try to be brief. When I try to add the new Blink action in the action editor it still has the old settings of the last action. Which are now not editable. Its like whatever i did to get the “hello world” part to work changed the way the action editor works. so now i don’t now how to use it. transparent bars of blue and purple now cover any work space. how do i handle this so i can use the tools like before? any advice would be great. thank you.

This is the file if you want a look. you have to follow the link then download from the next page.

Hmm, that part is a bit confusing, to say the least. Maybe needs some more refining (even tho it is already the best tutorial out there imo).

When you add a new action it creates a copy of the last one selected, including any settings. The last thing you did to that action was in the IPO curve editor:

For now, we’re going to leave the IPO curves alone, but before we leave the IPO window:

  • Click the button next to the IPO Type menu (I’m actually not positive what the tool tip actually means, but I know this is what needs to be done for everything to work).So, you need to unselect that button in the IPO editor that tells it include it in the NLA editor. That will free it up for editing.

Good luck and keep pushing.

Edit: Btw you should use descriptive subject lines here for better response. I only clicked on the “Um” cos I was bored. Including the blend was a good move tho. :slight_smile:

Thank You very much!!! you guys prove once more to absolutely rock!!! I think sometimes that I rely too much on you guys. so I try to do things my self for days before I ask. but its hard not to ask when i have such a good resource available to me. you guys are by far the best forum I have ever been to. Thank you all very much!! You are awesome.:smiley: