Um, Help?

Ok, let me begin with the model itself, It is a rigged model that I was texturing from twilight princess to try a Zelda engine with that I was making. It has multiple textures on it, however that is most likely to not have to do with anything, as I have run models with multiple textures in the game engine before.
So without further ado,


Game Engine

Help me?
Here is the file if more is needed.
<a class=‘attachment’ href=’/uploads/default/original/3X/e/4/e46e0d90c5907441e5aedb7e235455443a311993.blend’>Link completely rigged (1).blend (1.4 MB)

Sorry, this is in the wrong fourm. So, if this is not to much of a hassle, would somebody move it.
Once again, my apologies.
Thanks for moving it, whoever did!

You haven’t provided all the textures to the UV layout view, so some are missing in “normal” view mode. Select the erroneous (white) faces, then in the UV editor (bottom window) load the texture into the UV editor (e.g. for the dress, I believe, it should be LinkSS15.tga)

I dont use multi texture enough, but the sword doesnt do that in glsl mode.

Singletexture doesnt cause this prob either, so…

I don’t have a single texture usable for the entire model, so it’s not an option.

Also, the textures are from zeldadungeon, and I would upload them for you if I could.
There are so many though, so I don’t know if all of them could fit on here.
i will try to do this later, as I am not at home right now.

So, any other ideas on how to fix it 'cause I am stumped.

Also, that white is there in normal because it is not fully textured yet.

Try Ctrl+N on the mesh and make sure that the model and the armature both have scale and rotation applied (Alt+A I think).
The other thing that can cause this problem is if you are using transparency somewhere on that texture, play around with transparency values until you see the mesh.

The white wasn’t the problem? That was the most noticable thing to me from your screen shots; perhaps have something like “Why is my mesh doing (specific)?” and also more of a descriptive title than “Um, Help?”

The next most obvious problem would be that in game mode, the sword is rendering as though it is in front of the body when it should be behind… objects are overlapping in reverse.

It looks to me like you’ve mixed transparency maps with diffuse maps, or at least the black/white alpha values of your transparency maps may be reversed. For example, you have a texture on the shirt called “Opacity.035” which looks more like it is meant to have diffuse properties than alpha but you are using it for alpha and it’s then telling the whole texture area to become transparent (so the sword shows behind it). If you select this texure under the the textures tab (checker icon - and to do this, I selected a face of the see-through shirt when in Edit mode), then go down to the “influence” section and uncheck the “Alpha” slider, it will disable the erroneous texture from making the mesh transparent. Of course it now doesn’t do anything and if you want proper alpha you’ll need to make the appropriate texture for it.

Do your objects all have textures? I know that recently blender objects without materials have Z-sort issues.

Otherwise, check face normals.

Could this maybe have something to do with the clipping of the 3D view or Camera?
EDIT: No, it doesn’t. I tried to change all materials to Alpha Sort, but also this didn’t fix it.

It’s not normals, neither is it camera clipping. sdfgeoff - it could be a Z-sorting issue (so am interested in what you’ve referred to there), though the transparency channel of the texture seems to be what’s triggering this (see my last post). I appears that the body is only seen in front of a blank backgound but is transparent when in front of other items (shield / sword etc). However, I made a new unwrapped cube which didn’t “show through” like the sword, so the Z-sorting thing might be interesting to examine.

I noticed there are actually two meshes on top of each other. Is this normal? Maybe the mesh has been duplicated by mistake and this is why it is giving a weird effect?

As a guess, maybe you have transparency enabled for Link’s material? Also, it might not be a good idea to post a blend file that contains copy-written material, unless you made it from scratch yourself.

EDIT: Lancer referred to transparency in his post.