umbrella cloth deformation

The rig works on principle of opening and closing. Having difficulty making fabric behave like cloth. Any thoughts?

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I suggest using shape keys to model the opening/closing; using the cloth simulator looks overkill to me.

What have you tried so far?

So far only Soft bodies. That just makes it jiggle though.

As for pinning with cloth it is elusive. Because shape keys have to be animated.
Sculpting shape keys also was an option.


Hi. I am facing a similar issue at the moment. I wonder where you have gotten? Similar you, i tried soft bodies and cloth but it was too slow and difficult to control. I have tried weight painting but he vertices the furthest away from the ribs do not fold in nicely.

I think this is an interesting problem and I still believe cloth sim may yield some solution. Also it may not just be pinning, but pinning combined with hooks. Yes, cloth sim seems like overkill - but the idea would be to get it working long enough to bake it to a shape key animation and then call it done once it looks good.

Feel free to play with this:

I think I had this closer to working in an older version of Blender, but it seems one of the modifiers changed in a recent update - so it’s a bit more broken then I remember it. Still it seems halfway there. I’ll have to poke around more to see what’s going on and see if I can get it working - unless somebody else figures it out first.

Ok, had to re-do where the way the hooks were setup. Hitting the play animation button on the file, you’ll see it looks a bit more natural.

I think the main thing left is setting up collision, and perhaps a bit more tweaking of the cloth settings. There’s still a bit of oddness in there.

Yes, I know in my version I’m missing the slider piece and the supports that connect it to the ribs. (Easy enough to add later.) Main focus of that test experiment is the cloth and how it interacts with the ribs. Trying to simulate from tension to relaxed and back.