Umbrella model

I always have trouble finishing a model and I always get caught up in something. I think part of my problem is that I try to make things too perfect and I don’t just play it by eye, which is what I seem to see in a lot of tutorials.

What do you guys think would be the best method to make the fabric “skin” of the umbrella?

Here’s where I’m at now. Whatcha think?

I don’t plan to texture the model, I’m more focused on my actual modeling ability now.


I advise using an array modifier for the skin.

Make a plane, then subdivide it a lot in the direction following the ribs.

Then use snap to verts to get a fairly round shape that follows the ribs.

Using the array modifier yuo can make it repeat 8 times (I assume that is what I see, correct me if I am wrong)
in a circular pattern around the umbrella.
Then model the end of it to make it seem “Tight” and Violà you have an umbrella!

Seems a good solution by Wefyb !

I wasn’t quite sure how to go forth with your method, Wefyb. Was the snap to verts going to be used just to line things up with the ribs of the umbrella? Before I posted I had an idea of what I was going to do, and I went forward with that method.

What I did was…

In edit mode I created a loop cut down the middle of two of the ribs, which I then separated the desired vertices in to a new object that would become the fabric.

I connected the two lines with large simple faces.

Then I created a loop cut down the center of the faces and scaled it via the cursor which I placed slightly down the shaft of the umbrella. I deselected some of the vertices down closer to the edge and rescaled (by eye) to make it look right.

I created two more loop cuts on either side of the existing one and did the same process to get a nice “stretched” look.

How’s it look? Feel free to go back in to detail on your method as it still may be a better solution.


Excellent work. Go forth and texture!

Maybe I’ll use this model to work on lighting, here’s another shot. I barely played with the lighting, don’t really know what I’m doing there.

Still not sure about texturing, but maybe I should give it a roll. I’d like to crank out some more models soon too.