Unable to clear parent


For some reason I am not able to clear the child from parent. I have original pillow which is on the right with x2 modifiers (collision and sub). Duplicate/child is on the left. After duplicating I select child
and perform “clear parent”. Then I go back to original and try to simulate it alone however child simulates too as if it’s unparented. I suspected it’s an easy trick but I was not successful to find anything on the web.


If someone runs into this thread I found the way to do it. When you duplicate object you have to apply modifiers on parent. After simulation will be applied on a child only.

?? Are you saying the modifiers are removed from an object? Confused. :confused:

You have to apply all modifiers on the first object/parent before you move onto child otherwise child inherits every parent’s simulation. Somewhat confusing to me too. I thought by separating parent and child last one would automatically inherits autonomy. Appears to be not the case. Unless I do something wrong.

I guess I’m confused by your use of “duplicate” versus “parent” – it’s like you are using them interchangeably. They are not the same, and duplicates are not automatically children of the original. And I would expect a duplicate to exactly, well, DUPLICATE the original’s simulation unless explictly removed.

My bad I meant duplicate/child. Problem does not lie in the fact duplicate inherits modifiers
Can you elaborate on this one what you mean? " duplicates are not automatically children of the original"

I’ll put this up top: My apologies if this is excessively basic.

A duplicate is not a child. It is a copy. It is also NOT an instance nor a clone.

A “child”, in the nomenclature of 3D animation, inherits the transforms of its “parent”, like a carousel horse inherits the rotation of the carousel platform.

So, using those terms incorrectly or imprecisely confuse the issues, which are already confusing enough. “Terms of art” should be used carefully to communicate clearly.

Just to make it clear:
Three separate objects: a platform, a pole, and a wooden horse.
The platform rotates.
The pole is a child of the platform, which moves along with the platform’s rotation.
The horse is a child of the pole, and slides up and down the pole on the zed axis.
The path of the horse in world space is a circular sine wave, very complicated.
But the horse’s motion is very simple, just up and down on the zed.

My apologies if this is excessively basic.

I would expect a Duplicate to have the same simulation as the original – it’s a perfect copy.

Thanks for your input. It seems to me you misunderstand the issue here.
If you go back to my last reply where I say about inherent simulation which is expected since it’s duplicate. The problem lies in the fact when simulation applied to ONLY one them, no matter which, BOTH are simulated at the SAME time. I could not simulate each one of them seperately. In order to perform seperate simulations I would have to APPLY all modifiers on original FIRST.
My apologies for capitalising letters but this way I want to pinpoint the issue.
Simple analogy would be:
Take sheet of A4 paper. Cut of excess to make it square. Take that square and overlay on the top of other A4 sheet of paper. Cut off excess and you have duplicate of your original. Now you have two identical sheets of square of paper.
Now take the first/original square and fold it in half. While you do you it you notice your duplicate folds it’s self too. Hope it makes sense.

I can only suggest you make a very cut-down version of your situation and see if you can find the answer in a very simple scene. Often that clarifies issues.

Good luck.

(No worries about the capitalization: text is a very narrow bandwidth and anything that clarifies is a good idea.)

I will do it in the future. Thanks for your input. Bye!