Unable to get video background work

I’m currently working with Blender 2.71, and I can’t get the image as background (or video as background) function to work.

I’ve used it in the past and it always seemed pretty plug and play. I started trying to play a video as background, and couldn’t do that, and then settled with trying to put any image in background at all. I have tried in all views and none, clicking off every function available. (I am incidentally running Linux Mint.)

I’m burning serious time on this. Is the function bugged now or what?

What I really needed to do was bring in a video as background which I could then play, so I could make grease pencil notes to make it easier to plan the animation. I was in fact doing this until I had to reinstall my operating system.

If I back up to an older version might it work again? Anybody?

In the background images panel try turning off the ‘Camera Clip’ checkbox

Yes I have. With every view, trying many different video clips. I have no idea incidentally what ‘camera clip’ even means. But I’m not getting video with or without it, nor do I know what many of the other options that clutter the UI mean. But none of them get me video.

Works for me, supply an example blend with a video clip packed in it.
Also so screenshots of your current blender interface

In the course of trying to get video to work, I’ve converted the original file to 24 frames a second (just like the blend file.) It didn’t work before then, and it didn’t work after. I’ve tried other videos and images. I’m fairly certain I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve been wrestling with this for so long I think I’m losing my ability to see the problem clearly.

Is there someplace that clearly explains the process? Blender doesn’t seem to like any of my videos, and at this point it doesn’t even seem to like my images. Are there some requirements I should know about? I’ve looked up how this is supposed to work and its described as a drag and drop process, but I’ve been trying this for days now and it never works. I’ve tried it with every box checkd that I can, and also unchecked.

The video I tried to link is 128 megs. Neither it, nor the blend file will upload, but I will come back later tonight and try again. I’ll make a new file and try to link a smaller video to it later tonight, and hopefully I can then upload that to the website.

If anyone can point me to a place that actually explains requirements on video well (or what all the checkboxes mean) I would appreciate it.

Well I finally figured it out. I thought I’d post what I was doing wrong here, maybe it will help someone else

In the tab where you where you go to load a video or image as background, there is a tab you can click to select ‘image or video.’ The thing is, you don’t actually need to click it before you try to load a file. And you shouldn’t. I clicked the video tab before I loaded the file, and then selected the file from there and it didn’t like it. However, when I didn’t select the tab at all and just selected the file normally it accepted the video as background.

So there you are. Sorry for wasting anyone’s time. I kept clicking through menus and probably made it more complicated then I should have.

I posted aboutt his problem earlier, and was able to get it working in one circumstance. Now, once again, I am unable to get a video background up. I need to know what circumstances I can get this to work, or not.

I know that frame rate might be relevant to this. If there is a link anywhere that talks about frame rate requirements on video background, I would appreciate.

Yes, I have tried clicking on camera capture, and it doesn’t work. I’ve been having repeated problems with this week after week. I assure everyone I have tried to look up the problem and found nothing. I really, really need to be able to use greaspencil to get animations down, so if someone can tell me why this almost never works I’d appreciate it.

If I start a new file, I actually can get a working video background. Presumably this means that at some point, some setting or another was changed that prevented video background from working, but I don’t know what that setting is. It seems to almost always be set, because I can’t get a working video background going about 95% of the time.

Sigh. I have once again tried and failed to send an attachment to the forum. It simply never accepts anything from me. The connection appears to just time out. I’m dead in the water again.

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I have once again tried and failed to send an attachment to the forum. It simply never accepts anything from me
There are file type and size limitations for attached file. Why not use one of the gazillion file host sites or something like pasteall, dropbox, google drive onedrive etc.