Unable to link materials

I am new to blender. So maybe this is an old question. I did search the forums and I can’t find an answer. I also tried a couple of tutorials but to no avail.
I am trying to make a stained glass window. When I select a face and try to assign a new material, I get wierd results. Such as the whole mesh turning the same color. Even when I tried the tutorials, I still get the same results. Can anyone help?
Thanx for your time.


Do you already have another material for the rest of the window?

There are 2 ways for you to make it.

First way is that (without any material assigned) you can select all the glass faces (in editmode) and press P -> Separate. Now you have the window skeleton 1 object and the glass another. Apply a diferent material to each other. Select 1, press SHIFT and select the other, press CTRL+L (join). Now you have 1 object with 2 materials.

If you want the other way, just say it.

Thanks for the suggtestions. I did realise that I had already assing a color to the mesh and that is what was causing issues. Also, I did try to seperate all of the pieces but that doesn’t seem to work. What I did was made a plane then I subdivided it with the fractal function which did make nice jagged edges. Then I selected all of the outside vertices with the courser in the center and pushed the to sphere button making a nice round edge. then I selected all of the vertices, Pushed S to scale, then X for the X axis, then 0 which made everything nice round and flat. Then I selected all of the vertices again and and pushed the P to seperate and it didn’t work. The mesh is still all connected. Anyways, I need to figure out how that works.
Thanx for you time and answers

In Blender you assign materials to faces (at least is what i think), so you have to separate faces. Change to face mode (CTRL+TAB), now select the faces you want to separate. If you already have a material press F9 and find “Link and materials” Board. Now press Delete button untill you have none “0”.Now you can assign a new material.