Unable to load Objects from Libraries

(aayers) #1

This is something I am able to do in Blender 2.04 but not in 2.23.

All I’d like to do is load objects from other Blender files (libraries). Everytime I try to that (Press Shift F1, and select a .blend file), there is no ‘Objects’ or ‘Scene’ folder that appears. In fact, it tells me that the .blend file I selected was not a library.

I’ve looked at the vrotvrot.com Blender support site and it really didn’t help.

So the question is, what do I need to do to load objects from other .blend files? or how do I fix this problem?

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks,


(Dittohead) #2

search for append in the BlenderBase at http://vrotvrot.com/support/browse.php

(aayers) #3

Just so everyone can following. Here is exactly what I’m doing…

Assume Blender is running and that I already have already loaded a .blend file.

  1. Press SHIFT + F1 (file Selector pops up)
  2. Scroll through list to a .blend file - which has a little yellow box beside it and the filename highlighted white - and middle click the filename.
    (At this point, the file path appears as ‘/home/thisisatest.blend/’ and the file selected is ‘thisisatest.blend’. Note, there is no underlying structure that appears.)
  3. Left click LOAD LIBRARY.

This pops up: “ERROR: Not a Library”

The steps I’ve just describe are exactly the same as those described on http://vrotvrot.com/support/browse.php
I’ve even tried this by changing the .blend1 file to a .blend and still it doesn’t work.

I hope this provides a better insight into my problem,

Thank you,


(ectizen) #4

You’re using Linux, right? Append doesn’t work in the Linux version of Blender Creator 2.23.
You’ll either need to use an older version (2.22 is fine), or the Windows version.