unable to save user preferences

hi folks,

i want to save my user preferences with ctrl+U, then i hit enter

and all i get each time is the messege: unable to delete file .

I’m thinking: “what??? what file??? and why delete???”

Anywho know why that could be? pleeeeazzzz

Thanks ahead :wink:



it’s talking about the file that used to be called B.blend but as of this week, it’s called startup.blend. This file is a regular blender file that is your startup file and is where your user settings are kept.

When you get the message that blender can’t delete the file, does the change to your user preferences get saved?

If not, it sounds like a bug to me.

No, unfortunately the changes don’t get saved :(.

What can i do?

Try deleting the config folder found inside the 2.52 folder.

BTW, I was referring to the config folder in the blender 2.5 folder you downloaded. Assuming we are talking about blender 2.5