Unable to Select Bones in Weight Mode

I"m new to blender. Followed a tutorial to the T.

Selected The Armature.
Go to Pose Mode.
Select the Mesh.
Go to Weight Mode.

But I cannot select any bones. It’s stuck on whatever random bone it decides when I go into weight mode.

Left mouse paints. Right mouse repositions the 3D cursor.

What am I doing wrong? In the comments of the tutorial video I read of a dozen or more people having the same problem as me, and I read a long loong forum where someone had the same problem and never got an answer.

I also uninstalled/Reinstalled:confused: blender.

  1. Welcome to BA!

  2. You didn’t reference the video you watched so I can’t rubbish it! This is de facto behaviour for me for any video that is not at least half as good as Nathan Vegdahl’s “Humane Rigging” series -a good hint here…

  3. The video left out some important steps, as you have noticed. All is explained below:


You can select any bone from the armature using your Right Mouse Button or the vertex groups in the object’s vertex panel.

I see this thread has remained unanswered for a while now. In order to get a good answer you should always post images or bend files for us to look at.

Cheers, Clock.