Unbalanced objects aren't falling when they should

I have a stack of cubes that should be falling but are not. Physics Type: Dynamic, Mass: 0.5, actor = T, translation damping = 0, rotation damping = 0, collision bound = box, No Sleeping = T. This is true for all of them. Can anyone tell me how/why this is happening?

Check and make sure there is nothing check on the Z axis checked.

Maybe if you change it to rigid it might work…

Try changing the physics type to Rigidbody and see if that helps :slight_smile:

it has to be rigid body, with dynamic, gravity only effects the translation of the object, so if it colides with anything it will stop falling. but with rigid body gravity will cause rotation, and it will “roll” off the other blocks

Thanks. Changing it to rigid body fixes it. The tutorial I was reading said to use dynamic, but that isn’t very realistic in that situation.