Unbind default hotkeys (addon)

As far as I can tell, addon loading happens after base and script loads, so overwriting a default hotkey should be fairly easy- but I’m not sure what the proper procedure for it is?
setting keymap_items.new(None, …) throws an error because it’s expecting a string. I send it an empty string and it just makes a new keybinding that uses the exact same key combination I’m trying to overwrite while leaving the original enabled. I’m guessing this is going to be something stupid simple when somebody reveals it, but for all my searching and experimenting I can’t find the answer.

edit: i just realized that I’m setting the hotkey in wm.keyconfigs.addon, which obviously won’t work. However, won’t setting it in keyconfigs.user have ramifications after my addon is disabled? what’s the cleanest way to handle this?

edit #2: You may be wondering why I would want to unbind a default hotkey- and the answer is because it conflicts with one of my hotkeys. the right click context menu is triggered on “Press” when it should honestly be “Click”, because having it triggered on “Press” means you can’t do any tweak/drag/press events on RMB. I’m trying to set a new binding for the right click menu to happen on “Click” and unbind the “Press” one so my tweak/drag bindings will not be trampled by the right click menu.