Uncontrollable Eyebrow Particles

Hi there.
I have been modelling a head for ages today, and to have a break from all that vert editing I decided to make some better eyebrows. I duplicated the eyebrow faces, moved them back a little inside the head, and separated them. Next I put a particles/hair system on it, and no matter what I tweak, I can’t get the particles to be short enough.

Basically I am either missing something, doing it wrong or the ‘Normal’ parameter is not fine tunable enough. I tried scaling up the objects, but that didn’t help. Any ideas please?
Cheers in advance…

View from within


In the physics panel where you set the Initial velocities go to Globaleffects and set the AccX to 0.

Thanks ikee

Do you know how to change the particles colour? Mine seem stuck on pink.

edit: got it, its under visualization.

You will be able to control every aspect if you click the ‘Set Editable’ button. If you go to the particle window you can hit ‘N’ and comb, cut, lengthen, etc… your hair to your liking. You should try it, it is very nice!

Thanks Dudebot13 - how do you do tht again though? ‘N’ brings up the transform properties box – how do you get the comb please? Is there a tutorial anywhere?

Thanks again.

in the particle system tab(it’s the first tab in your screen shot)click “set editable”. Then press “n”(this opens the properties panel in the 3D view allowing you to comb, cut, add more particles, increase or decrease the length, and smooth them…also puff them out(which needs some refinement).

hi nowherbrain,
Thanks for your help, but this just isn’t coming up for me, I just get this box:


ok there is a particle option in the mode selector, I hadn’t hit that…

According to your screen shot your still in object mode. You have to go to Particle mode and then hit “edit” and then hit “n”. This will bring up the comb and cut…Its really a great new tool. It also appears that you have made your eyebrows a seperate object. You can if you wish create eyelashes directly from the eyelids (exsisting vertices on your face) without useing a seperate object. This just makes things much easier. I just went through all this so I feel for you. Good Luck!