Under the Moonlight

It’s a full moon lit night.

Is the lightning ok?

Am I missing something?

Here are few screenshots:

and the old one is rendered in cycles. How do I mimic that soft lightning on BI?


I posted a thread a couple days ago where I was also trying to tackle the whole “full moon night lighting”. Environment lighting and a sun lamp as the moon (with ray shadows on) will definitely help.

First, I think the top image is awesome, it has great mood and ambiance and it conveys an emotion. It is less like “CGI” and more like an actual photograph or movie still. That is a great place to be. My critique is that (the top image) does indeed need a little more bounce light on the shadow side of the characters. However the bottom image now looks more like a video game still as oppose to a photograph. If that is what you are shooting for then that’s fine too, please disregard.

In BI, you can mimic soft light effects in the world panel my checking “environment lighting” and “indirect lighting” and playing with the settings there. Also, you can watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wVYwKxT0Cs it helped me allot. It is a tutorial on how to make BI look a bit more like Vray.

I suggest using a plane in cycles (or invisible light source) to bounce just a little bit of light back onto the characters dark side. In BI, you can do the same thing with subtle environment and indirect lighting settings, and you can also add an invisible light source there too.

Again if a video-game-like still is what you are going for then you nailed it. If however you are going for a sense of photo-like mood and ambiance, then subtly is key and all you need is a touch more bounce light on the characters darkest sides so you can see their expressions.