Under the Sea

Hi BlenderArtist! After many years of watching, I decided to share my latest work with you too. I present you “Under the Sea”. Last project carried out during the quarantine. Made with Blender 2.82 and rendered in 256 samples EEVEE. It was a really intense project but I think it was worth it.
Every C&C are welcome! Thank you so much and hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Enjoy :partying_face:


Thats pretty cool. Someone could have some fun animating this.

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Thank you very much!!! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile: These days I’m studying some basic animation, because I also wanted to animate it! Move the fish, the diver, the bubbles and especially the water and the boat! ^ _ ^

i dont know if this is wonderful or spectacular. on scecond thought… its both of those. well done.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Oh My god! Thanks a Lot!!! Thankkkksss!!! :partying_face: :heart_eyes:

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Great news you’ve been featured this week on BlenderNation. This proofs you’re on your way to create great appealing CG stuff. Congratulations.

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