Under the Stars

Just finished a scene in blender - been awhile since I’ve had the time to do a project for fun!




nice image, how did you make the light effect on the tent, glowing and getting through it, is it sub surface scattering ?

This is amazing!!

Hey thanks - to get the glow effect it was actually translucent node added on the diffuse - here is the node setup if you are interested. I can explain it if you need:)


Thanks so much!

Thank you!


It looks amazing :eek:, just a few tips:
-Try to darken the sky a little bit (the exposure seems a little unreal)
-Try to fake more light around the tent
-Add a translucent and a glossy material to the grass around the tent (if it didn’t have it yet)
-A film emulation could be great as well

But in general, it looks awesome. Good job :wink:

Awesome -thanks for the feedback!!