Underground city - city of blue iron

Hello there. This is my first project i’m posting here. I made this for CGBoost Challenge.

I tried a few conception but i decided to make mining city. They mine a motherlode of a blue iron - the most valuable kind of all iron. After the mining they send the laden waggons into huge ironworks in deep part of city. Unluckily the road from mineshafts into ironworks isn’t easy and that’s why on the lines are special waggons of technical support.

The modelling was pretty easy. There is no complex meshes. The real problem was find a good locations and strength for light sources. After a few attempts with hdris and strong point light i decided to use a many weaker light sources. I used mostly a spot lamps and i was lucky because a red afterglow from ironworks and light from laden waggons made a very interesting result. I wanted to make a scene with LOTR or Hobbit vibes. Instead i achieved a Blade Runner underground. Scene may be still too dark but i’m satisfied anyway.