Understanding human faces...

So, suppose I wanted to create myself in 3D, and I start by creating my head using Sculpting Mode. How do I make it look like me? What should I see? Are there lines, distances, analogies that are important?
Please explain, I’m really annoyed, being able to create ANYTHING nonorganic, but very little organic…

The most important thing is to use these edge loops, often when creating a face I will literally start with 3 flat ring shapes, 2 for the eyes and the nose-mouth loop (or 1 and a half mirrored). Then I’ll connect that to a low-poly sphere for the cranium.

That’s how I like to start.

Thanks for the reply. Can I get one of those models from the web, you know, so that I can use them right away when sculpting?
Do you know any anatomy courses online? I think that this would be very helpfull…

this is an interesting head video. http://eat3d.com/free/mudbox_head dont worry about it being mudbox, the guy only talks anatomy

Unless you are young and seriously want to embark on a dedicated career of creating characters, in which you’ll actually need to study anatomy, life drawing and a variety of other lengthy activities, I’d suggest you just use makehuman, which has fantastic models you can bring, already rigged into your scene, http://www.makehuman.org/.

^^ ignore this guy. (except the make human part, feel free to use make human as you wish)
you no more need to be an anatomy student to create humans then you need to be a rocket scientist to model spaceships.
some references for how it looks and works is plenty

is there a site that gives different head size and for man or woman may be young and old like we see in post 2?

i know makehuman but right now it is being re design with more features so have to wait a little i guess


I don’t think there is any one site that gives that exact information. It’s out there, but scattered all over. In general, men’s heads are a bit larger than women’s heads, but there is so much variation between individuals that doesn’t count for much. Search on human proportions, aging, facial anatomy… and if you use Google, don’t forget to check out the ‘searches related to…’ suggestions at the bottom of the page.

there are so many different heads shapes !
so difficult to get the one you want but still
i was hoping for one site with some sort sort of average general shapes for woman or man

would be something usefull for anyone tryng to begin working with heads shape


Here is good site: Realistic Human Face Modeling

Thanks for this link i made a quick sculpt following that tut I got this head the instructor really knows what is doing.

Reply to the thread I strongly believe if you want to make a carrier into 3D modeling you should start from the beginning, so follow tutorial do anatomy sculpt exercises. One thing i understand with 3D modeling if you cut corner,the corner will cut you later on :slight_smile: