Understanding Linked Objects

Hello - it is my turn to tear my hair out and seek help! :yes:

I have a number of distinct objects in a blend file. A plane, a Tractor, a Ground Crew Member and a Robot. I want these to be in separate blend files, so I can manipulate them in their own blend file and use them in multiple projects. So far so good, what I have done is to group the bits of each part, including the armatures, etc. and then make them separate “part” blend files, by appending the groups to separate blend files. Then in my overall “project” blend file I want to LINK these various “parts” and be able to move, rotate and pose the armatures. I envisage several “project” files with perhaps multiple instances of the parts, like a plane and three ground crew members, each ground crew is a link back to my single ground crew blend file, that I can put them into different poses in the “project” file, or I may have two planes and a tractor, etc. etc. Here is where it all goes wrong!

If I link the group from the “part” to the new “project” file, it appears brown in colour and displays as a single object that I can do nothing with, other than move, rotate, scale - I cannot get to the armature. :mad:

If I link the individual objects from the “part” file, they appear light blue in colour and I can do nothing with them. I can select the armature, but I cannot go to Pose Mode to animate it. :mad:

If I do an Object - Make Local - All, I can pose the armature, but the link back to the linked file is lost so any changes I make to the “part” file are not reflected in the “project” file.

The new help file seems somewhat lacking in detail… Clearly I have not grasped the concept correctly of linking parts to an overall project file. Can some kind soul point me in the right direction please?

Cheers, Clock.

After linking in the group, Make Proxy (Ctrl Alt P), then in the popup menu select the armature. Now you can go into pose mode and animate the linked object without changing anything in the other file.

Thank you, thank you, thank, you :D.

Above is the result - I have duplicated the chap in the referenced file, then changed the shaders for the man standing, and made a new group of this chap, then linked both groups, made proxy the armatures and posed them. I am REALLY pleased with this result, ignoring the bad poses, those I will deal with later.

Cheers, Clock.