understanding projections

hi @ll,

whats the difference between the coordinates (UV,Global… ) and the Projection ?

because if im having using uv-coordinates there is no need for projection because each uv coordinate has its place on the actual face … or am i missing something ?

how should i understand the projection ?
i mean somehow its clear to me when i look at the examples, but then i always think of mapping as we have an object and then the texture is projected on it in different ways …
but what do i need the coordinates for ?

i hope ive made my problem clear, excuse my bad english and help me put !

Projection has to do with painting UV mesh from flat secondary image source within Blender. Alternatively you can try to paint UV mesh from image source in paint program. But that will take time, effort and it is not easy; lots of stretching, deforming and editing image are required. Projection function method makes that easy.