Undo feature in blender?

How does the undo feature in blender work?

does it reside in RAM, or does it get placed in a cache folder on the harddrive?

also are there any windows that show the undo history (not a pop up menu), just would be good to have a window at the side to show what stages you can go back to.

Maybe have group histories, i.e. attach a group to your mesh and with in that group are the stages you can go back to. would be good when expirement with meshes

Actually, it is a pop-up menu. Alt+U will display the Undo history . . . works in both Object & Edit modes.

Not sure about your other questions, though.


For the other question, it’s in RAM.


ah ok, hmm i thought it would be better to cache it to the hard drive and also allow an option to tag undo files with a .blend so when your load it back up you could go back to older versions.

Also are there any websites were i can find out techinical stuff and background information on blender, like how it tackles certain things and to look at the code (hope it has captions). would love to learn programming and create my own little version of blender :smiley:

There’s the Guides & Standards page (probably needs updating), and also quite a lot of info in the wiki (from the main page, see “Guides and Tutorials” under Developer’s Documentation).

wow we learn something new every day… never knew the alt+U hot key before… may be somewhat usefull

i think moving the Undo system to the harddrive instead of RAM will give a lot of memory to sculpt tool
and in the same time endless Undo steps ( i think mudbox do that )