UNDO in u/v editor

hey i was just wondering if there xould be a way to implement undo in the u/v editor, cause it’s seriously needed.
when tweaing an uv point it is essential to see the after/before result of the manipulation, to determine if the change made is better or not.
maybe by recording the movement done (x,y) and doing the inverse would be a one step undo?

not without modifying the source

and the developers have been notified about it

[personally, I would like edits in the uv window to be updated in the 3d window in realtime, just like grabing verts in edit mode is when you have multiple 3d views open]

Try the Lock button in the UV Window header.

i have another question about uv editing: imported an .obj in blender and i have 2 uv points where only 1 should be, they are not merged?!

is this normal in blender?

Yes, it’s normal, it allows you have UVs split across different parts of an image (or multiple images). However you can use Select -> Stick UVs to Mesh Vertex or Select -> Stick Local UVs to mesh vertex to keep them merged together when you are manipulating them in the UV editor window.

does the global undo take care of uv changes? I thought so…?

if yes… grab yourself a cvs-version.

global undo? it is a new feature that will be implemented in a future version?

it is in cvs, probably will be in the next release

and there are a bunch of things it doesn’t work with currently

last I heard, uv was one of them

it is already in bf-blender. you can get yourself a cvs-version. maybe there is one on blender.org. let me see…

oh yes. by jesterking:
I guess you’re using windows…

so there’ll be “global undo” in prefs window… under “edit methods” I guess. activate it and you can even undo ui changes (like moving the rgb-sliders).

cu guys
it works. if you did something wrong, leave uv, undo, go back… voilà