Uni work in progres

hi all, im doing a 3d module at uni of Abertay.
Iv been making a :


I am aware that the uni is very maya based, and iv been using a mix of maya and blender using each for there speed and advantages, the final scene has to be handed in in maya so im mostly working on it in maya , now . i imported most of the meshes into blender to unwrap because i feel its more flexible and you get more control over selections.

but all the environment was made in maya , along with the police vehicles, but the police themselves were thrown out quickly in blender.

Textures were in photoshop CS3 using a bamboo.

My obvious influences for the piece were storm hawks , borderlands, treasure planet, my sketch zelda models and psychonots.

i wanted to create a modern twist on the ornothopterwith a cartoonie style.

In the scene , the main girl is on the run from the police from , at the moment , setaling som money form somewhere.

Im posting here for creative feedback to make my final piece kickass.

Thanx Alastair

Hi i no noone has replyed but thought i would just post this up, heres the final images:

looks really good:eyebrowlift: love the textures!