Unibot manual droid. Tribot manual droid added see page 2.

This is a little thing that appeared whist taking a break from Blending my Civic.

There are more things to model, but feedback is always welcome.


–>http://reblended.com/www/sonix/Assets/Images/Wiprobotunibot1.jpg<-- Link.

hey, that looks promising :slight_smile:

Perhaps, the link to the wheel should follow the wheel a bit more or should be more pronounced.
Hope you know what I mean. %|
This way it looks like it woud fall apart very soon.

Nice work so far. I really like your textures. Keep working on this one; I’d really like to see what becomes of it. :slight_smile:


it is amazing how many of these things you can make! so many 3d models, one after the other * sniff* (hides in corner) good model though…

I’ve recently been inspired to work on a robot of some sort myself, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

COol, but why it has pedals?


Heh, that’s pritty good. Did you use subserfs for the head? Is that reflection on the body?

Have now added guide wheels beneath and in front of the wheel casing.

Cheers mate. See updates below.

Blenderer’s Anonymous ask me the same questions. :smiley:

We should quietly blame Basse between you and me.

Heh, so it can pedal.

Subsurf to level 3 on main body and head, level 1 for most of the remainder. Reflection is a cloud texture in the Refl and Ref texture buttons, no Envmaps today.

—>http://reblended.com/www/sonix/Assets/Images/Wiprobotunibot4.jpg<— Link.
—>http://reblended.com/www/sonix/Assets/Images/Wiprobotunibot2.jpg<— Link.
Thanks to everyone for your comments,


Wahoo :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I had ideas like this. :-?

Excellent concept. I love it. Now paint some nice textures in PS or GIMP and UV map this sucker.


and the audience goes oooooooOOOOHHH aaaaaaAAAAHH!

Concept sketches:- —>http://reblended.com/www/sonix/Assets/Images/unibotconsk1.JPG http://reblended.com/www/sonix/Assets/Images/unibotconsk2.JPG<—

UV textures? Maybe…


Very nice model, the texturing is most impressive.

It doesn’t look very stable though, if it was stationary it would fall over :slight_smile:

Oh um right er… it has a gyroscopic balancing system. :smiley:

---- Nice one Sonix, good answer; just hope you don’t have to prove that one eh. :wink:

---- Well it hasn’t fallen over yet has it, so it must work. 8)



Right this is a new version along the same lines as before, except this one has 3 legs. :smiley:

I think I’ll be making a whole series of these little fellas. :smiley:

—> http://mangled.sytes.net/sonix/Tribotmark2.jpg <— Quick link.

C&C welcome, I hope you like it,


I like the model but I have two complaints and lame remarks to make:

  1. The little balls look odd, especially the texture

  2. The texturing overall doesn’t do your modeling effort justice.

Thats just my opinion of course…as if I need to put up a disclaimer lol. :smiley:

Nice work! Can’t wait to see QuadBot!