Unicode support works sometimes?

Hi there,

i have an EnumProperty for phonemes as strings. As a test, taking the unicode character \u044f as string “\u044f” or u’\u044f’ it’s working, i.e. the EnumProperty shows the correct unicode sign. Taking another unicode sign like “\u0283”, it fails. It only shows an empty square, as if it cannot assign the character.
Any ideas why?


Does no one has an idea? It’s for displaying german phonemes in an ui-panel. Perhaps an alternate suggestion to achieve this task?

an empty rectangle usually means that the current font lacks the glyph.
But it seems to work in the python console?!

>>> ‘\u0283’

Note that you can use UTF-8 directly in your script file, it can be necessary though to add an encoding shebang (supposed to be the very first line of your file):

# -*- coding: utf8 -*-

Thanks CoDEmanX
I was wondering how you did both those things in Blender/Python

Thanks for the hint, CoDEmanX!
However in the python cosole ‘\u0283’ works indeed
EDIT: Nevertheless it does not have any influence, neither on the script itself nor on the gui displaying.