(Xtra) #1


Another new picture! This was a test to use Poser files so I exported the Poser horse to Blender (dxf), added a socket and a horn (so it became a unicorn), exported it to VirtuaLight, change some things (like shader etc.) and that’s it.



(blengine) #2

looks real good, it has a weird line running down the front of it though… the refraction looks a little low quality, crank that up =D
looks great though, i love unicorns

(Friday13) #3

Cool modeling, nice refraction :smiley:

(Xtra) #4

imgrandpaboy, this line is a reflection of the horn. Actualy VirtuaLight should simulate the physical behavior of light in a (more or less) realistic way so I’m unsure whether you can see this reflaction if it would be a real photo. The only way to correct this is to use Gimp or another 2D software. Regarding the refractions: in VirtuaLight there’s no way to adjust the quality of refraction though there are some variables to adjust the amount of refraction etc.

Friday13: cool modelling indeed. But not my modelling. I used “Poser” for the hourse. Poser is a special software that contains ready-to-use human characters and some animals. I bought a used copy last week.