Uniform texture scale on multiple meshes

See image:

As you can see, the scale does not match on the two surfaces.
I can’t wrap my head around how to simply solve this.

It feels like it should be really easy. Any tips?

For simple rectangles like that, you can use generated coordinates instead of UV (in your texture coordinates node). If that doesn’t help, apply the scale of both objects using ctrl+A.

Answer is probably box projection and maybe together with UV project modifier but it is bugged since 2013 and until it is solved you are unable to use it for such a case (Archviz). Rotated texture is bugged with box projection (triplanar). Until then you have to go around, so select all object and use UV project or something like that. I hope this gonna get resolved rather sooner than later but well 2013 is kinda history date already.

Here is a link to bug report.

What am I actually looking at here? Floors of a windowless apartment building or bottoms in a cabinet (with a weird material imo). If you only need one direction, or don’t care about discontinuities across the angles, I would just select the faces to unwrap, go to top orthographic view, and UV/project from view. Any neighbouring quads can be unwrapped using UV/follow active quads.

As I mentioned in the bug report:
A temporary solution that I have used in the past that may apply in some cases is to rotate the object coordinate itself. Not using the nodes, but rotating with the origins option enabled in the viewport top right dropdown. This works fine unless you need to have some coordinate orientation set - either for local adjustments or for modifiers that act on an axis.

I’ve used that technique in production projects (after geometry/random per island came about), and I was able to fairly quickly get good (enough) looking woods onto 2500+ visible wooden elements from an IFC import. I grouped to collections the different orientations. Selected all within collection and rotated their origin. Due to random per island (for random offsets), I could even join a bunch of these similarly oriented objects together to a single object.

UV/project from view is also a good idea. By the way @CarlG I have seen that you replied with such solution and I am aware of such “solution” but it is simply too inconvenient for me to use it on larger project. Good thing is that it implies that it might not be such a big problem (to fix texture rotation).

You could look at it like some sort of doll house. Gonna animate pipes etc, so it’s more infographic on nature than any sort of archviz. Hope it makes sense.

Gonna try the tips you all have given. Thanks!