Unitra Headphones + Old Pepsi Cola

Hi there, here are some final renders from my personal project :smiley:

This is actually the first project which I share after over a year of hard learning Blender and trying to get into 3D stuff. The idea came in the midst of helping my friend with 3D modeling and then I decided to push the project further. Most of the attention went into HQ materials and lighting.

Link to 8k versions of main frames

Rendered in Cycles with blender 2.8 (I started in 2.79 but no problems at all with switching to 2.80).
Final resolution for full frames was 16k :crazy_face: (So all close-ups are just zooms into 16k render).

One 16k render took ~4h with single Nividia 1080ti GPU. Down to ~20min at Full HD. 800 samples, blender internal denoiser ON.

There is no post processing at all, 100% Blender (only wireframe previews are mix of normal render and crazy viewport from blender 2.8).

There is even more shoots on my artstation:


Also I would appreciate any critique, feedback or questions :smiley:


Wow man you did a good job, keep it up. Needs to be featured :smile:

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I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thanks bartvBart Veldhuizen a lot! It’s a honor :smiley:

Also, as I mainly aimed at photorealism, I think that renders with this lighting can show it a little better :slight_smile:


Gratz! This glass and lighting is amazing :smiley: looks like real

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You’re also #featured here! :+1:

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Man, I used to own a pair of these headphones. Those were the times. Good job!

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Just a few weeks into my learning of Blender and hope some day to turn out work as good as this.

1st class!!

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Thanks @bartv a lot! :flushed: Also @VortexMax @Piotr_Adamowicz @Scoot!

@Piotr_Adamowicz hehe I didn’t expect to find somebody that seen this headphones in real life here :smiley:

@Scoot just keep pushing, one year ago i didn’t know what a normal map or blender is :sweat_smile:

Here is viewport screen if somebody is interested:


fantastic :+1::+1:
Is it possible for you to have a better quality photo (glass node) !؟ :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good texturing! :+1:

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Great work! Perhaps some materials are bit to reflective (glossy)

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This is lovely! Fantastic job :slight_smile:

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your job is amazing with your :heart_eyes: renders…
i cant belive these are your one year results!:hushed::hushed:
WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s really a awesome work! Cool!!

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Thx @Emad @kat301020 @rombout @lord_yas2009 @rexmen!!

@Emad Not 100% sure but i think principled shader node with full translucency = glass shader node and even more (gloss, fresnel etc.)

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Dang your friend is truly amazing artist! Hope he will learn you tons of tips and tricks

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To learn more about this project read the ‘Behind the Scenes’ that Jakub posted on BlenderNation:

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Yes he is! Thanks to him I am catching up with my artistic side a lot faster :smiley: