I try to swap from MAX/Vray to BlenderCycles, so bare in mind, I might ask very silly questions :yes:

In MAX I set the units once and use em for ever. Dont have to deal with it, once they are set.

In Blender I have to do the same in Scene-Units, right? But even though I set em to my preferences and saved the file as start up, I allways have to set em new when restarting Blender. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

If you are using the ctrl-U method to save the startup file and it’s not taking it, try clicking the save user settings in the lower left of the ctrl-alt-u dialogue. I have noticed that some of the changes that you make to the UI in recent builds are not writing using the shortcut for some reason, or that I have had to save multiple times. This may be a bug.