Unity question about text labeling

I am making some assets for a training application that will require a lot of readable text labeling. I am targeting 2019 LTS URP. I do not really want to bake the text into my texturing. In the past, I have used an alpha based decals approach for labeling (this was in an OSG application which we are migrating to Unity). I am aware of the “text mesh plugin” but I think that’s probably too taxing for the amount of labeling needed. I have also seen an example of a projection-type solution based on a custom shader. There is always the same approach I have used in OSG which is just a textured/alpha quad placed over the equipment panels. I also played with using the detail mask to get an overlay without having to worry about occlusion and z-fighting. Looking for the best performance option and editing flexibility. I would appreciate any suggestion, thanks