Unity Store: cheap but quality models - but how???

I just discovered the Unity store… Now I have a big fear…

Please check this asset:
Or this:
Or this:

So… 60, 90, 95 dollars??? How??? These are very good quality models (but with boring style for me - but this is my problem only) and not only the quality but… check the amount of content in it… How??? How???

So my big fear is: most of the popular games will use these cheap and quality assets. Many 3d artist will lost his/her job…
What do you think?

Or there is something I dont understad??

I couldn’t look at these models myself, (the store will throw an error for me). I don’t think there is too much to worry about. The only games that will be made entirely from such models will be cheap ones, that won’t have a budget for a lot of good art in the first place.
Who would want their game to use the same assets that 10 other games use already, anyway? Furthermore, it is hard to get a consistent art style from various different asset sources and it is unlikely you can get everything you need prefabbed.

Endi, think “volume”… $50 per model which will be purchased 100 times… Not bad eh… That’s what Unity is about. Same as Daz 3D. Meant for people to buy those models when prototyping their games. Or think of it as some people have expensive hobby :slight_smile:

But really, what are those models without good gameplay?!

Some of those are pretty crazy. 90 models and handpainted textures for $60 and they’re this quality. I wonder if it’s one guy doing all of it himself or if he has a little studio that churn that stuff out.

I lost a few jobs already to mostly Chinese studios.
The whole “studio” outputs 10 times faster than I could and costs 10 times less.
And unfortunately they often have a good quality too.
It’s not always messy geometry, duplicated vertices or wasteful UV layouts, so you can’t blame clients.

I’d like to see some “fair-trade” assets though, without middleman, sieving off the money, leaving crumbs for the artists.
In the end it would be beneficial for the people working there, and in the long term, level the payment between the two extremes. But this will be decades…

However I think those prefabs are nice. There are many people with good ideas for games but with neither artistic talent, nor the financial power to create state of the art assets. And the best game isn’t usually received well if the graphics don’t have a certain quality, or that retro-charme “abused” to sell games lately :wink:
A lot of games for instance in the Linux landscape are good, but never made it out of the dark until some artist contributed a decent graphics pack…

So this is a way for someone with a vision to realize his dream rather easy, have a better chance for success and as a result found a gamestudio at one point and hire artists for a graphics department to tailor assets for the game and develop an own style.

That’s at least what I want to believe :smiley:

Heh,the game made with all those things wont be unique att all.It wont help too much if you want to make special unique evironments…

Yes, but the sad thing is most of the people dont wants unique things…
They wants THIS…

Most people wants this…
Read some Art History.
I really don’t care what people wants. You care too much.
Think about it, I also make my living doing art. You are not alone here, you aren’t the only talented, you are just too scared.

Let’s face it - one can make unique art that appeals only to a narrow audience. By the same token one can buy that non-unique art and use it as base, add unique decor to it and release fun game that will appeal to broader audience.

Artistry and production are quite different things. Not everyone who buys these non-unique assets produce games that go for release.

I doubt that people care whether the trees/rocks are unique or not. Most people wouldn’t even notice that. You’d be surprised how many environment assets are reused among triple A games. A character is another story tho.
You should also know that a lot of these assets are used for prototyping purposes only and not in the final game.

I selling also some packages in Unity’s Asset Store and it is a nice passive income stream.