Universal lighting (all objects lighted equally)

I’m making a simple scene in Blender. It’s a corridor with no real lights (abandoned building), but I still want some light so that you can actually see things. Is there a way to make it so that every object in the scene can be seen equally without lamps? I’m not sure if it has anything to do with lighting, but close enough.

You can use Ambient Occlusion and environment lighting and just play with the numbers. if you dont know where ambient occlusion and environment lighting is, just go to the world buttons and check the ambient occlusion and environment lighting, and also, make sure the mode of you AO is multiply instead off add coz as you have said, its a corridor with no real lights. BTW, environment lighting is optional. another thing, if you want much better shadows and end results, just make sure in the Gather panel, Raytrace is enabled and samples is not lower than 10, cheers

By default materials come up with the emit = 0.0 and ambient = 1.0. Often I will split the difference on these value. Keep the sum of the two values equal to 1.0 but spread it across the two values in a different way. For a design kind of look I will use emit = 0.5 and ambient = 0.5.

Play around with that.