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okay. i’ll reinstall blender and download your files again and see if that makes any difference. Unfortunately I don’t have another PC to try on.

Either way, thanks for making this. It looks absolutely awesome.

Amazing work Scalix.

I’m wondering how did you manage to get such an accuracy for camera path and orientation. Camera tracking ?


I used the original animation as a background image in the camera and at first used only the earth as a reference to animate the camera path and it’s focal length. This is made possible because there is really no room of error when mapping an earth texture on a sphere, and luckily enough in the original animation no propotions have been changed in the used textures. The letters were animated with the camera animation already done, and they turned out to be quite a bit more tricky, mostly because it is very difficult to model them exactly right and then position them in exactly the right way.
Camera tracking would have been great, but as the earth is covered up by the universal letters at one point that makes one smooth track pretty difficult. And then there is a massive shift in the camera focal length from 35mm to 100mm, which would have been impossible to recreate before tracking. And the letters morph around quite a bit, even though it’s not really visible in the animation.
So all in all, a lot of bruteforce and manipulating animation paths and graphs was necessary :laughing:

Absolutely brilliant !

This Came out Great!

Hey can u make this one for me but whit the name NonStop? DM me on Instagram: @mattia.manfredi thaths my insta

Hey Scalix,
I finally managed to get this to work on another machine.
My title, is spread over 2 lines (I had to adjust the letter location on the Z axis to do this. When I render, the sun is in the foreground, and appears on top of the letters, when really it should be behind.

Would you be able to tell me step by step, what I’d need to adjust in order to change the order of the layers, so the sun pops in and out of the letters as it comes around the earth?

See the screenshot. The sun should be behind the letter A as it’s supposed to be far away in the distance.

thanks in advance.

so there’s three steps you need to do to get this effect:

Go to the compositing workspace and add the following nodes (and values in the node settings):

you’ll find the space where they go at the beginning of the node tree.


which you’ll find at the end of the tree. Connect the nodes the way cou can see on the screenshots, I believe it should be clear which ones are connected.

Then, toggle the “Convert Premul” Setting on this node to on:

you can find that near the nodes you’ve added in step one.

I hope that fixes your problem! Good luck with your animation.