Universal Studios Intro

Update: this is the newest version

Hey guys,

I’m new here at the Blender Artists forum and this is my first thread. I wanted to show you one of my project that I have worked on for quite a lot of time some months ago and see how the Blender community reacts to it.

It is a remake of the famous intro of the Universal Studios and I published it first on youtube, where there are many who use these free intro-templates. So I made a template myself and as there is quite a lot of people watching these videos mine got watched a lot too wich gave me around 40.000 views:eyebrowlift:.

I tried to get as near as possible to the original and actually I am quite happy with the result. The current version of the intro looks even a bit better than the one posted on Youtube:

I also did a little comparison with the original intro:

It is rendered with Cycles, 500 Samples and tons of tons of compositing.

So how do you like it?


(AKA doenerman_3000 on youtube. Don’t know where that name came from but at some point I wanted to change it so I’m using a new nickname here :slight_smile: I hope it isn’t too stupid either:D)


I think you did a great job. There are subtle differences in the texturing of the letters and the earth. Not wrong, just different. But the look and feel are dead on. People watching this on the front of a movie would not know the difference. I think that generally people don’t have a very good appreciation of the time, effort and expertise that goes into these types of animations. Many times the logo graphics and animations are actually better than the work in the movie. Next you should do the Paramount logo!

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It’s possible to have that, but for ‘’ Viztrak ‘’ ? i try to did it but i can’t ):

Hey this looks amazing! Are you willing to share this template?

I already am, on Youtube :grin:
bit as it’s pretty outdated now, I am currently working on a Vervion for Blender 2.8, which should be coming soon.

I appreciate the reply, I did find that and down load it. I’m trying to make it work. We’ll see how that goes. I’m still new to Blender. When do you think the new one will be done?

Okay, good luck with getting it to work, bit i suspect you might have some difficulties if you don’t use the old Blender version. The new one should be ready for upload maybe the end of this week, most likely the next.

Here’s a little preview for you, it looks quite a bit better than before:

Oh wow. That’s amazing. Maybe I should just wait for the new one. Hopefully it’s done this week. I’m really excited for it. Please keep me posted and hopefully it’s done soon :slight_smile:

Your animation is so good that when I watched the side by side version, I could not tell which one was the original and which was your animation.

this is by far the best one I’ve seen around. It looks just as good as the original 4K one.

Can’t wait for it to be ready. I’ve got a video being release next weekend, so it would be perfect timing if this is out in the next few days.

Here we are, this is the new clip:

I still need to do prepare the file for upload and do the tutorial, but this is how it will look when you can download it.

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:sunglasses: amazing! Bring on the tutorial…hopefully there’s not too many steps!

Thank you!!! This is excellent!!! The tutorial was very helpful. I was able to make my own with little problems. Thank you so much!!

Awsome to hear that :grin: :+1:

Hey Scalix. Thanks so much for posting the tutorial.
I have a problem tho. When I render a test frame, the sparkly city lights in the globe don’t show up in the final composite. I can see that the layer got rendered, but in the final version of the frame, it’s kinda dull in the background…barely noticeable.

At first I thought I had screwed something up, so i rendered a few different test frames, but same result. Then I loaded up your original tutorial file and without changing anything, rendered a frame. Exactly the same problem.

What might be the issue?
Here is a sample render of frame 424 from your original file before changing anything.

Hmmm that’s strange. It looks like the “Earth” render layer is not rendered out right (or not handled right in the compositing). How do the frames at the beginning of the Animation look like (from frame 50 upwards, as there is a fade-in at the beginning)? If you have that problem starting with opening the file the first time I suggest you look if you have the latest Blender version installed, as with every version there is a lot of changes within Eevee. If that’s all in the right place I’d have to dive in further.

thanks for quick reply.
I downloaded v2.82a yesterday and have been using that.

Same problem with an earlier frame.
Here is frame 105.

Then also frame 312. I also took a screenshot of frame 312 in the middle of the render. You can see the city lights being rendered here. If feels like the final composite is in the wrong order? (not sure if this is a thing…I have no idea how to use blender…I’m just following your tutorial).

thanks in advance

I can tell you that it most likely has nothing to do with the compositing, but it seems like there are some textures missing in your render. But I can’t tell you why, because when I try it everything is just fine. I have packed them in the blend file and some of them seem to be just fine on your renders, while others are missing.
Try to render the animation on a different pc, or re-download the file, just to check if it’s a problem with your PC Or wait for the next Blender version, the developers might fix the bug that is causing that. Sorry to leave you stranded like this, but I actually don’t know what the reason could be.