"Universe" Stargate

Hey, guys and gals. First post on BA, so I thought I’d make it good. This is a project I’ve spent a couple days worth of time on. It’s the stargate aboard the Destiny in Stargate: Universe. I’m utterly fascinated by scifi and this is just one more example I’ve fallen in love with. By the way, Universe is not a good series, but I like it for mythology of the Ancients.

First up is a raw clay render out of Octane after I fixed a bunch of geometry problems, not including blackbodies:

Next is the raw render out of Octane, including blackbodies:

And since BA only lets you attach three images per post, here is the final composite using Blender’s nodes. It’s slightly desaturated and blurs the blackbodies a bit for a glow effect:

For my final image, I want to change the camera angle, add decorative geometry, and possibly UV/bump map it with a small concrete-esque texture for fine details. This includes each symbol in its own housing, the extra metal around the edges, and the texture goes on the main ring.

Overall, these are the specs of this model:
239,401 faces
478,730 tris
Rendered up to 1000 s/px at 4096 pixels square in Octane Render.

Any comments and crits are welcome! Please tell me what appeals to you and what doesn’t. I want to make this model my best.

Looks nice so far.

I like it !!!

I agree, the storyline for Stargate Universe was lacking. It seemed like another Voyager. Lost crew trying to get home.

The Geometry on the Universe Stargate is allot easier to model then the original. Maybe they had that in mind while designing it this time.

You refer to something as “blackbodies”. Can you elaborate? I’m mostly a cycles user now, but what does blackbodies mean in octane? Is it simply the color of the model?

Blackbodies are meshes that are used as light emitters. If you go into a diffuse shader’s node, there’s an option labeled “emission.” This is changeable to blackbody, which is essentially a light source. I think Cycles labels it as a mesh light or an emitter or something along those lines.

Second WIP stepping stone so far. I added decorative geometry around the outer edge, changed some materials in Octane, and changed the camera angle a bit. There’s still something off about this new camera angle, but it’s closer. Hope this doesn’t bore anyone because of the minuscule progress, but I think it’s a step closer to my dream image.

This image is a clay render done in Cycles at 2048 pixels square, 500 Spp:

This image is the raw render from Octane, with a little cropping:

Finished up, and this is the final image. I might do a few tweaks here and there later, but this is the last update on this project. With this post, this is going in the Finals forum.

You can find the model on P3D and BlendSwap. I took it off Shapeways because it looks like CRAP.