university which teaches animation in usa ?

hi guys
i looking for university which teaches animation in usa i will be appreciate if you guide me . please name top 10 .

Are you just looking for a general Uni or an art school?

Ed Catmull of Pixar has said in the past that brigham young university has consistently provied them with the best animators. I don’t know if that’s just because he went there though. I’m pretty sure you can trust a guy like that though. :wink:

As far as actual art schools go, Cal Arts is the best in my opinion. I work in the animation industry and I’ve met more directors and lead animators from there then any other school.

If you just want animation training, Animation mentor and AnimSchool are amazingly good options and honestly, I think they are actually better than a real school because you get one and one with professionals working in the industry at places like ILM and Pixar critiquing your work. You really can’t get any better than that.

Full Sail University looks good too. Kent Trammell went to there. He said so personally.

Ummm…BYU is not the University of Utah which is where Ed Catmull attended. So does he recommend BYU or his Alma mater?

What about the Ringling College of Art and Design? Their student work is always at a very high level. Maya is used for all animation projects.