Unlikely Civilization

My first finished project in some time.

Its bit fussy… but i like the idea… Try “sharpen” the image… (no i dont mean the “sharpen” filter)

Thanks for the reply.
The over-glowy effect is intended, but I think you might be noticing the jpg compression. When I have time I’ll see if I can get away with compressing it less…

Actually… what i ment by “sharpen the image” … i med that i’d like to see the image with increased detail… now its hard to kinda… “grab onto the image”… ah… hard to explain.

You seem to be influenced by RoberT lately. :slight_smile: I agree with Eradicor it is hard to actually see what your civilization is all about. Some closer detail would be nice.

Me? Influenced by RobertT? Never.:stuck_out_tongue:
But seriuosly, that didn’t even occur to me while making this… in what ways do you think it is similar to his work? Just curious.
And I would have closer detail… but then one would not be able to see the whole planet;). The reason why I said it was unlikely is because the planet is cube-shaped. Has nothing to do with the civilization, really.

I really like it…and I had a crit…but I forgot it.:o
Maybe I will think of it later, but unlikely.
So for now, I’m just going to leave it as, “I really like it.”

it’s good, but the water looks a bit like plastic and the blue athmosphere i think should glow a little bit more, but i like it!

What did you use to put on the frame?