Unlimited Clay

Hai, I don’t know why I am getting a feeling that nobody is interested in Farsthary’s Unlimited clay[B].
There is no new builds in graphicall, no comments in blenderartists. Only one build I see is in zooblender.
:no:. I know there is problems, but if we don’t test it…


probably because it still looks like vaporware.

Farsthary’s UC seems to have been sidelined because of him being approached by 3DCoat software (and working on something similar would represent a conflict of interest? - i could be very wrong) . Check out http://farsthary.wordpress.com/ for more info about what he’s doing lately, all exciting stuff.

Sculptris is a pretty decent free external alternative to native UC

Nah, he is doing fine with UC.
I also find it weird UC is getting no attention since the patch released.

Hai Freemind, you have any suggestion about the " always triangulate the mesh" problem

It seems he wont push UC further until bmesh allows better “dynamic” editing.

Edit :

Campbell is comitting on bmesh branch :slight_smile:


It may look like lack of interest, but the truth is the last patch was for coders to look at and help out…

It’s not really very usable for artists right now, less so than the “proof of concept” version… if it was at that level then I’m sure we’d be seeing lots of tests and builds on Graphicall.

I love this functionality and am a big fan of sculptris… I’d love it native in blender and the work done so far is very promising…

It does seem to be at a “coding stalemate” though…

I had an error when I tried to apply patch on linux. Some paths are relative to Farsthary’s hard disk.

//temporal hack, find a better way to reference the resource :stuck_out_tongue:

And patch must be rewritten for Bmesh.

Note. The patch is for alpha 2.

Second, I’ve tried it and it in a state near how sculptris behaves. When it get to the level when it becomes fun to play with I’m sure we’ll see more builds…

There was a thread in which some people were providing feedbacks on the “new” UC patch.
But as everyone said, there’s not much to say for now out of :
-it has potential as it allow sculpting close to how the very most excellent Sculptris does
-it is very very buggy
-it crashes often
-only working on an old Blender 2.54
-it has some heavy slowdown even on very low poly models

Maybe once Bmesh will get ready , bug free and stable for Blender, we’ll see more progress on the UC front when other developers may join the effort.

But meanwhile, using Sculptris is always a good idea if you’re after a “dynamic face on demand” sculpting method.
It’s always a fantastic application and Blender does not have a problem to import sculptures made with Sculptris (through Sculptris OBJ export option).

Applying the patch is non trivial. The results once you get patched aren’t very useful. Those who it would be most valuable to look at the patch don’t have time at the moment.