Unlimited clay

Now bmesh is in trunk. Any news about about old promises

Very very good questions as this could adress a real speed issue with sculpt in Blender.

the farhartey version is stuck with some algo problem!
go to his site and read about it

hope he can make it happen soon !

i hope to also see the new Nurbs tools if it can move again fast !


Agree, I’d also really, really like to see unlimited clay, although I know nothing about the development thereof.

Farsthary seems to be working with 3DCoat lately, so perhaps Blender gets no love as of late :frowning:

I remember when people were confidently predicting that he would keep working on Blender.

Life works this way: first, you do the work that pays the bills; then… you are so burned out that you can just sit in front of TV and watch some show. Add that he has no interest to work against the firm that pays him and you have the current situation.

Either somebody takes charge of UC or you all had better forget about it.

Ideals are great, cheques are way greater.

Remember how Bmesh was never going to be in trunk? Also if you’ve followed the dev mailing list you’ll know that Farsthary hasn’t been completely inactive, although it was before the Bmesh merge. Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to do something more now that it’s in trunk.

I think b-mesh was different than Uc in a way were more people behind it .
UC was a nice in some way but the smooth is really terrible and never work fine . i used to use it .

I think dynamic mseh is in a way a better than Uc .

Why not just use Sculptris its free, its good, its available right now and there is no sitting about waiting. Not everything has to be done in Blender.

Beacuse i don’t wanna use other soft ;). but is my case

Blender should have an internal web browser. I’m sick of opening firefox to search for tutorials on how to render default cubes porfessionally. :frowning:

now seriously. We can use sculptris in the meantime, which I don’t think will be too long. Farsthary probably has nailed the algorithms already.

I believe he mentioned a few months back that he wouldn’t really be able to do the implementation correctly without the data provided by Bmesh and thus, after finding the possibility that it might be a while before it was in, he started to focus more on his 3D Coat work which had what he needed to code such a feature.

Has anyone told him yet that Bmesh is now in trunk? It would be nice for someone to poke him saying that what he needs to continue the UC implementation is now there.

well you can use an external app but for me this has the large disadvantage that I cannot model and sculpt at the same time if your workflow is more mixed. Plus I think sculpt is in dear need of a speed increase.

What ever will come will come.

Two reasons.
First, I have to relearn the sculpting shortcuts every time I switch. Annoying.
Second, and more important - Sculptris is no longer in active development and is owned by Pixologic now. There’s no guarantee it will remain free. And even if it does, it’s not open source.

I sincerely hope this is a joke.

And I am waiting for nicholas bishops dynamic tesselation :stuck_out_tongue:

me too, the good news is that nicholas plans to continue it:

Regarding dynamic topology, I do plan to work on it more, but not until I get these other projects finished. So probably at least another month.

source: nicholasbishop.net/wordpress/?p=44#comment-46

thanks for the info on this subject, guys. And thanks for the link to linux sculpt masking build. I’m happy to test it too…

i think there is a difference between UC and dynamic tesselation !

it’s not the same thing !

so hope Farhartey gets UC in blender with Bmesh in 2.63 !


Oh that IS good news!

4 months ago Jonathan Williamson wrote in Blendernation: “Raul emailed Nicholas and gave him full permission to integrate unlimited clay into the dynamic topology code he’s working on. Nicholas tentatively agreed to do so. In other words, we may get both in one package :)”