Unlink action from duplicated object


I duplicated an object that had an animation attached. (Specifically, change the emit value.) Both the original and duplicate objects performed the animation. This was not desired. I deleted the animation out of one object, but then both animations were emptied. Oddly the dope sheet still had a line for the animations, just nothing filled in. I added the animation back into one object, and the other object had the animation added. I don’t know how to de-link these objects.

I read that you can go into the action editor to de-link the animation, but my action editor is always blank. Even if I select all the objects in my scene the animation editor is blank.

I’m using Blender 2.57.1 r36339. Any clues on how perform this task would be appreciated. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.

Try UKEY context menu…


Seems like it should work, but I’ve tried every option in that UKey, with each object selected (and both at the same time), but they stay linked.

Recreating the 2nd object I was able to de-link it from the original. Something must have been strange about the prior duplicated object that prevented un-linking / making single user.

With the duplicated object selected go to the DopeSheet and change to the Action Editor mode.
Notice the action name and there is a number to the left (probably 2).
Click the number to make that action non-shared. The number will go away and you will see a letter F (fake user flag). The number was telling you how many objects were sharing that action. Now that no other objects are sharing the action, the animation is unique to the duplicated object and the keys can be shifted to new locations and not affect the original object.