Unlinking multiple meshes in a single group


I’m new to your Forums here, so please bear with me on this first post,lol

Question I have is I have a Arched Bridge with four concrete pillars for supports, I want to takew the pillars after sub dividing them from the rest of the bridge and seperate the pillars to individual ones so I can edit and what not each pillar seperate. I’ve done this before but can’t remember how I went about doing it??

Here’s a pic to show what I’m wanting to do,
Link http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww317/jc577/UnlinkingGroup.jpg

Thxs for any help!


1.Space bar 2. edit 3. vertices 4. seperate

In edit mode press p seperate - all loose parts - using l (thats a little L) in edit mode is handy for selecting different objects - just hover the mouse over an object and press ‘l’ you’ll see what I mean.

Thxs very much for the help MiffWhite and AlleyCat, I now know that procedure.

Again thxs