Unofficial car material library R2.

Work in progress for the next release.

If you would like any of your materials included, please let me know in this thread.

Click here to view current progress.

Worked on three more tyre treads today. You can see the render via the above link.


Very good…they didn’t look like textures!

Thanks for that!

Outstanding job dude…! Very professional material settings and easy to follow…

This made me think… too bad a Python guru couldn’t somehow incorporate a set of Material/Texture Buttons that created these material settings on the fly right inside Blender…

Another words, have these as DEFAULTS when a person downloads blender. Or a seperate python download file that instantly creates a button list of all your materials right in Blender… like Maya has an additional materials installer …

Never the less… Awesome job… :smiley:


Awesome! Thanks, Sonix!


I’m testing de release 1. It’s a very good job !!

But where is donwload the new release 2 ?

thank for you response.

I haven’t had time to compile it yet. Too much on at work at the moment, but I have a few days free next week, so I’ll try to finish it.