[Unpaid] Character work

Hello everyone, it’s me again. I’m looking for character modelers for assistance in making a game.

If you model characters, rig, texture, or do them all, you’re more than welcome!

can you tell me more about the game you are making?

Well, how much does the sentence Battlefield-like Warhammer 40k fangame sound to you?

it sounds like the character would be hard and expensive to make. How about a simple kid show character sound?

Well, it’s like JFK said: We did not choose to go to the moon because it was easy, we chose the moon because it was hard.

BUT! I just thought about how I’d like a character of mine modeled in 3D by someone who knows what they’re doing, I kinda wanna model her myself, but maybe if you wanna collaborate and make some short cartoons with her, that’d be fun!

Do you prefer texture work? cuz she would be good practice for me in modeling.

I can model, texture, rig, and animate human like character. Did you draw her yourself? If you did can you draw her side both front and side view are necessary for modeling. If you require me to texture it, do you need texture painting, if you do than sorry, I can’t do that. I can rig it for you, no problem. I am a level 1 animator.

PERFECT! I can’t even rig yet! I’m probably gonna do the Modeling and texture painting, This’ll be a great opportunity for me to learn modeling! alright, how should we do this?

I though you have a plan already

Well I mean like how would you like to exchange files?

We can use discord if you wouldn’t mind.

yeah Akira#7956.

add me on discord Akira#7956.