[Unpaid] Need someone to model my rifle

Hello, I need someone to do a quick model of my rifle to use in a shooting-range simulator. Hope someone can help. Heres the images:

I wish someone could be so kind to help me with this as Im pretty crap with 3D modeling. I understand unpaid isnt a popular topic but I cant afford any investments now.

I think you might attract some attention if you mention what you offer to the person who is going to model it plus some screenshots of the game, even if it is a serious game or not.

You need to show what kind fo detail level you are looking for (examples around the web?). Depending on the detail level this model can take from couple hours (to make a game ready model) to a day or even more.

Yes, this wont be used for any serious purposes only for personal training :slight_smile: Only a simple model would be nice too.

Hey Asmund!
Could you post a top view of the rifle?

Not guaranteeing that I’ll be able to do it, but I might have time over March Break.

@Archer_Fish Hey, sorry for late reply, been ill. Heres some more references:

Hope you’re feeling better!

Thanks, yes feber is gone now hope Ill manage to go to the shootingrange tomorrow. Beat my record last time with 226 points, max is 300. :slight_smile: Hope you have time to work on the model but its no rush.