[Unpaid] Skee Ball Project

Hi, I am starting a small, simple Skee Ball project in Unreal Engine 4. It is a very simple game, nothing complex or fancy. I already have a programmer working on the mechanics in C++, however I need a sound engineer who can create good quality sounds for the game and some instrumental background music.

I dont require that you are a AAA sound enginner but I need decent quality sounds that sound like their coming from the game itself, if it sounds like it was recorded on a webcam microphone, I wouldnt accept that. Like I said before, the sounds need to sound as if its actually coming from the game itself and not sound like they were recorded.

If you can do this send me an email. Also here is the post for the project on the Unreal Engine Forums:

If your interested please send me a PM or preferably send me an email at: [email protected]

I have sent you an email.

Received and replied :slight_smile:

Bump, Need a sound engineer now!

Bump, Still in need of a sound engineer.