Unreal engine install issues?

Yeah I know this isn’t related to blender game engine. Any unreal users that can help me? I thought I try it out and having issues with installing. Got the epic games launcher installed and when I try to install unreal it just says “Please Wait…” and by the user name it says “Task Pending”. Been a all day thing and can’t get anywhere with it. I finally got a MD-0005 error. Any ideas why it won’t start to download.

I think it is UNREAL you would ask for support here. on bge FORUMS.

Well I never.

Had some issues with running unreal engine, but not downloading. I was missing c++ redistributables on my pc. This should be your last choice, but for me,the only way to fix it was to reinstall windows.
But again, you should propably ask about this on the unreal engine forums. More people will be able to help you there.

Maybe try asking on the unreal forum, you are much likely to get a better answer there beyond re-installing.

just installed unreal and unity, no issues here.

Well it decided to finally start installing couple minutes ago. Only thing I know is maybe the internet wasn’t letting it install. For whatever reason today it’s been bad. I guess just enough to hang it up on “Task Pending”.

may be
anti-virus, firewall… are counter-productive, for we are the Virus & the Fire :wink:

Wow! I hope I don’t have to download it again anytime soon. On Unreal website it said could take 10 to 40 minutes to download. It took around 20 hours. At least I was able to get it installed.