UnrealEngine - Blender [UEBok!] . Clipboard copy/paste and export

UnrealEngine - Blender OK! further known as UEBok! an Blender 2.8 Addon.

Idea: Speed up interaction between Blender and UnrealEngine and to Blender and …

UEBok! functions:

Collection OPS:

  • Create collection for selected objects
  • Create ROOT object for collection(ROOT object is pivot point it’s collection)
  • CleanUP - Cleanup Empty collections

Clipboard OPS(it is like copy paste between programs):

  • Paste data from UnrealEngine to Blender
  • Copy data from Blender to UnrealEngine

Export OPS:

  • Select export folder
  • Export button


  • Windows only
  • Blender 2.8


  • User preferences > Add-ons > Install from file…> select UEBok!.ZIP file.


  • for Clipboard OPS - Unreal Engine project folder must be selected in addon preferences


Many thanks!


Video tutorial added.
Many thanks!

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Hi! Thank you for addon. I will need it in near future, i suppose.
I must tell you, that in post-ussr countries “uebok” meens some kind of “f***ng retard”, so it is a really bad swearing.

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Oh i don’t know, but it sounds great IMO.:wink:
Да ладно, звучит хорошо. Ударение на О .


Addon updated to v1.3:

  • fixed error with nested collections

Download and install, please.
Many thanks!

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Would be a nice feature quick collision naming in blender. You select your static mesh(static mesh is active) + your collision name. It gives a name of your active object selection to other objects + UCX_ prefix. I think this would be awesome feature for fast renaming and also speeds up export to unreal.


Ok , i will add this feature as soon as i have a free time.

Addon was updated to 1.4:

  • Blender 2.81 compatibility fix

Many thanks!

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Hi is it Compatible with Blender 2.83? Thx anyway for the development :wink:

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Really great work, thank you !
Fills the gap between these two environments. /towards BL imho )) /

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Yes, it works on 2.83.


UEBok! updated to version 1.6:

  • Added simple export by object + Offset to [0,0,0] position before export
  • Placeholder copy: copy of objects name and location/rotation/scale for future replacement in UnrealEditor.

Thank you.


Thanks for the great support and super-fast feature request accomplishment! :smiley:

Hello, its support with news blender 2.9x ??

It works with 2.8x and 2.9x.

ok great… sorry one more, this license work only in 1 PC? if i have 1 PC at home and 1 at office, should i purchase 2 license?? thanks

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@TitusLVR nice addon, but unreal imported models come on without textures, some way to create blender material with correct textures or at least texture placeholders with texture names?