UNSF small update

(gundamf91) #1

sorry i haven’t had the time to do alot of modelling, just handed the computer project a week ago, now doing my last assignment before exam which is august 14th, after that maybe i have more time to finish it. Hope you guys like what u see so far…


also i need to ask you guys a favor, since i’m don’t have artistic talent, do u mind if you guys think of some new interesting website layout for my website?? with pictures demonstration would be nice, i’m tired of thinking a new layout, i’m running out of ideas and patience…

thanks if you can help

(Goofster) #2

nice details, could you give us a better render? the level of detail isn’t really showing. I can’t see the sides at all.

you’re saying you don’t have artistic talent? I disagree. I like simple webdesign, look at my site for that :slight_smile:


keep it up!


(BgDM) #3

I get a Hot Link Error when I click your link, and I even cut & pasted it too.

/me flaps his head in his hands and starts to cry. “I wanna see the pic!” :frowning:



OK. I got to it from your main page. Wasn’t this posted a while back with no textures? I seem to remember it pretty well. Nice work! Keep it up. As Goofster said, get us some cloe ups so we can see the details a little better.


(harkyman) #4

That’s really nice. It reminds me of when I used to build my own spaceship models from parts of other kits when I was a kid. Very cool.

(gundamf91) #5

closeups, i will try

my god lol, just as i thought some ppl really think i’m a newbie haha well i guess lets keep it as is, so when i do something newbish i have an excuse.